Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Social Phobia Disorder and Natural Cures

I just recently started experimenting with a completely natural supplement called L-Theanine (suntheanine) to see what kind of effect it has on my social phobia disorder.  I have been taking 3 capsules (300 mg) a day for that past couple of months and have felt a significant difference in my attitude, mood and social interactions. But you might be wondering what L-Theanine (suntheanine) is and how it could help your social phobia disorder.  

What is L-Theanine (suntheanine)? L-theanine is a special amino acid typically found in green tea that helps promote relaxation while maintaining alertness.  It really takes the edge off a stress and helps relieve anticipatory anxiety.  This can be very helpful for people with social phobia disorder because it helps those anxious in social interactions by allowing them to stay calm and in the moment.

The best part about this supplement is that it is completely natural and good for you.  It is just like taking a vitamin everyday except this vitamin happens to help you with social phobia disorder.  Why is this better than prescription medication you might ask?  For one, there are absolutely no side affects.  In fact it actually helps people with insomnia, focus, socially and overall health.  Secondly it is extremely cheap and affordable.  A bottle of L-theanine costs $25.  

This is really an unbelievable natural supplement that will help you with your social phobia disorder.  This is my top recommended product and I am certain it will help you relax and improve your overall quality of life.  Do yourself a favor, click the banner below.  When you get into the website type in “L-theanine” in the search box.  Buy 1 bottle to start and see how it works for you.  Trust me, this will not be the last bottle of L-theanine you buy.  Get your L-theanine through the website below for the best quality and cheapest prices. Also highly recommended is 5-HTP.  Click the banner below.