Monday, April 1, 2013

Social Phobia Disorder “Exposure”

Social Phobia Disorder and Exposure, what do I mean by this? One major way to overcoming shyness and social phobia is by exposing yourself to social situations.  Trust me, this is very uncomfortable but it is a vital step to overcoming this numbing disorder.  

Starting today you need to participate in as many social situations as you possibly can.  Social Phobia disorder is not something that just disappears on its own but something you have to work at to see results.  Here are the steps I would take to begin exposing yourself.

Step 1- Say hello to someone you don’t know.  This can be someone you pass on the street or someone you see in a deli.  People will not realize you have social phobia disorder so don’t worry. You should strive to do this 5-10 times a day.

Step 2- Join in on a conversation you normally wouldn't, you'd be surprised how beneficial this can be to your social phobia disorder.  Try to join 4 conversations a day.

Step 3-  People with social phobia disorder do not normally have a big social circle.  Now that you are more comfortable saying hi and having conversations with people, try to establish friendships.  Invite people out to lunch, over your house, to the movies, to a ball game, anything to get you out of the house and more social.

Step 4- Repeat these steps until your start seeing positive results.  At first you might fail miserably but that is what this is all about.  You cannot overcome your social phobia disorder without failing first.  Get out there and start socializing.  You will be thrilled at the special people who start to enter you life.  To overcoming social phobia disorder. 

Best of luck and more to come!